The U.S. Congress has appropriated approximately $174.2 billion in supplemental funding for the U.S. response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine since February 2022. This includes security, direct budget, development, and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine; security assistance for NATO allies and other partner nations; funding to support enhanced U.S. military presence and activity in Europe; and replenishment of U.S. military stocks transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF). This funding was enacted through five supplemental appropriations acts.

April 2024 Supplemental Appropriation

The most recent supplemental appropriation was signed into law on April 24, 2024 provided nearly $61 billion to address the conflict in Ukraine, of which approximately $48.4 billion will be administered by the DoD, $11.6 billion by State and USAID, and nearly $1 billion for other U.S. Government Agencies.  

FY 2022–FY 2024 Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations

Sources: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2022, Public Law 117-103, Div. N, 3/15/2022; Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022, Public Law 117-128, 5/21/2022; Continuing Appropriations and Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2023, Public Law 117-180, Div. B, 9/30/2022; Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023, Public Law 117-328, Div. M, 12/29/2022; Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, P.L. 118-50, Div B, enacted April 24, 2024.
Note: Numbers may not add due to rounding.

Programs and Authorities

The U.S. Government assists Ukraine and regional partners through a wide range of programs and authorities.

description For additional explanation on funding read pages 9-16 and Appendices E , F and G in our latest report to Congress.

Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA)

  • PDA is not a funding source but rather an authority that allows the President to provide military assistance from existing DoD defense stockpiles up to a statutory cap.
  • In response to Russia's 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Congress increased the cap on PDA to $25.5 billion. As of the end of the second quarter of 2024 (January 1 - March 31, 2024), the U.S. Government had announced $23.9 billion in PDA drawdowns, of which $19.9 billion had been executed.
  • Supplemental Ukraine funding allowed DoD components to request replacement funds for items transferred to Ukraine. 

Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI)

  • The USAI is a funding source for DoD security assistance to Ukraine's military and other security forces, including intelligence support, training, equipment, logistics, supplies, and services.
  • Before the fifth supplemental appropriation in April 2024, the DoD had obligated approximately $18.2 billion of its $18.9 billion in supplemental and FY 2022-2024 base USAI appropriations.

European Deterrence Initiative (EDI) 

  • The EDI provides funding to support five lines of effort: increased presence; exercises and training; enhanced prepositioning; improved infrastructure; and building partner capacity. EDI-associated activities and investments are funded through the DoD’s base budget rather than the Ukraine supplemental funds.
  • Since FY 2022, Congress has appropriated approximately $11.7 billion for EDI, of which the DoD has obligated approximately $7 billion as of March 2024.

Foreign Military Financing (FMF)

  • The Secretary of State may authorize direct military assistance for a specific purpose, usually in response to a request from the recipient country. FMF funds are executed by U.S. Government agencies and end items are transferred to the recipient country.
  • As of March 2024, State had obligated $4.2 billion and expended $1.4 billion of the approximately $4.7 billion appropriated in the Ukraine supplementals for FMF.
  • State expended $400 million in FMF funds between January 2, 2024 and March 31, 2024.

Direct Budget Support to Ukraine Provided Through the World Bank Since February 2022

Sources: World Bank, website, "World Bank Financing Support Mobilization to Ukraine Since February 24, 2022," as of 3/1/2024; USAID Ukraine, response to USAID OIG request for information, 3/25/2024.
Note: Of the $42 billion mobilized, $34.95 billion has been disbursed. Numbers may not add to total due to rounding. Please note that these totals do not yet include additional direct budget support funding from USAID from the latest supplemental

PEACE Multi Donor Trust Fund

The Public Expenditures for Administrative Capacity Endurance (PEACE) Fund builds resilience, protects essential institutions, and delivers critical services, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance. In addition to mitigating the humanitarian crisis and preserving development gains, the PEACE Fund supports the Ukrainian government in maintaining core government functions and protecting its institutional capacity for recovery after the war has ended. The United States is by far the largest donor to the PEACE Fund, with USAID providing $20.3 billion out of $25.5 billion total.

Direct budget support reimburses transfers from the Ukrainian national budget to its pension fund to cover the budget deficit. These payments included old age pensions, pension supplements, and increases under pension programs, including supplements to minimum pensions, and length-of-service supplements. The PEACE Fund provided the Ukrainian government funds to cover payments to nearly 8 million pensioners, 1.4 million disability pensioners, and 500,000 survivorship pensioners.

Ukraine Government Expenses covered through PEACE Fund

(as of Oct. 20, 2023 in $ billions)

Sources: World Bank, “Project Paper on Sixth Additional Financing for Public Expenditures for PEACE in Ukraine."
Note: Totals may not add up due to rounding.
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